Surface Mode of Operation


Distributor of wallcovering, laminates, textured panels, engineered wood + stone surfaces


Based upon observations from 1961 mid-century Architecture and Interior Design to the current, clean + evocative expressions throughout Hawai'i; The Surface Mode of Operation collection of finishes is tailored to meet Hawaii's unique design trajectory. sUmo is the color and textural vehicle to Hawaii's Architects and Interior Designers. 


In 1961, Paul Rasmussen, my Dad, was the first and only wallcovering distributor in the Hawaiian Islands for over 50 years. In 1961, Washington State-based wallcovering distribution company - Wallpapers Inc. - flew him to Honolulu to set up the first wallcovering distribution center on the island. Shortly after establishing the brand, he caught the eye of a major Honolulu-based hospitality more.


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1) You may locate particular finishes by conducting a general search here.

2) Search by product category (wall surfaces, indoor / outdoor finishes, acoustical products or flooring.

3) Or browse by product type (wallcovering, stone wallcovering, wood wallcovering, acoustical finishes, architectural panels, screens and dividers, stone flooring or wood flooring).


Having trouble locating a finish or two to fulfill your idea? We either have what you are looking for or know where to find it.


1) Call or Email us a description of the finish, concept or overall evocation of the intended space. As easy-going as that!

O'ahu, HI

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