Surface Mode of Operation - SuM.O. - advocates for the purest 

representation of Hawaii’s  architectural and interior design ex-

pressions within the Hawaiian Island's public and private spaces. 

We intend to empower and inspire Hawaii’s finish esthetic to a 

distinct, world-recognized Hawaiian Island hospitality style. 


Our 2nd generation collection of wallcovering and finishes is intentionally curated based upon the trajectory of Hawaii's architectural and interior design evolution since the 1960's; As well as in reverence of what came before. 


Paul Rasmussen, my Dad, was the first and only wallcovering distributor in the Hawaiian Islands for over 50 years. In 1961, Washington State-based wallcovering distribution company - Wallpapers Inc. - flew him to Honolulu to set up the first wallcovering distribution center on the island. Shortly after establishing the brand, he caught the eye of a major Honolulu-based hospitality developer...read more.


212 Merchant St., #210

Honolulu, HI 96813

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