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Grasscloth Wallcovering Mural

Art Design

As seen in  Architectural Digest's Open Door, our grasscloth collages start from a single shape cut by hand from a roll of wallcovering. The intention behind this collection is to create sustainable, eco-friendly artwork using Mid Century and Brutalist architecture-inspired shapes and materials from our Grasscloth Collection with references to graffiti writing.


Every design starts with a meeting between designer and artist. Once a color and material palette is selected, the artist creates a mock up of materials showing how the textures and colors will work together. The mock up does not indicate the final product and this is why...Each piece starts with a single shape cut by hand from a single roll. The proceeding shapes are continuations of those previously cut shapes and scraps and so on. The process is very organic, yet consistently adheres to the bold shapes of Brutalist and Mid Century architecture and playful nature of graffiti writing. All with minimal waste.

Grasscloth Wallcovering Art Design for Kona Seaside Resort

Kona Seaside Resort Guestrooms, 2022


Bretman Rock Residence, 2021

Private Residence - Ka'imuki, 2021

Neutral Series, 2021