distributor of wallcovering, laminates, textured panels, engineered wood + stone surfaces


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212 Merchant St.

no. 399

Honolulu, HI 96813

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What type of finish for your walls are you looking for?


Hand-crafted wallcovering made by passionate artists in the house of Vahallan.

Stone WC

Carved marble and limestone tiles from the young and prolific Lithos Design in Italy.

Wood WC

Engineered Walnut and Oak wall tiles from interior design maven, Jamie Beckwith and coconut shell tiles imported from Indonesia.

Acoustical WC

Sound-absorbing solutions from Akupanel and Interlam for wall and ceiling use.

Architectural Panels

Highly textured architectural panels from Interlam in several mediums including radius-forming and indoor / outdoor options.

Screens + Dividers

Interlam screens and Lithos Design's space dividers for glimpses, privacy and sound-dampening.