Paul Rasmussen, my Dad, was the first and only wallcovering distributor in the Hawaiian Islands for over 50 years. In 1961, Washington State-based wallcovering distribution company - Wallpapers Inc. - flew him to Honolulu to set up the first wallcovering distribution center on the island. Shortly after establishing the brand, he caught the eye of a major Honolulu-based hospitality developer.



The developer made a substantial investment in my Dad and together they formed Paul Rasmussen Inc. After establishing the business, the investor sold his half of the company back to my Dad for the money he had initially put into it. My Dad ran Paul Rasmussen Inc. for 16 years until it was purchased in the early 1980s.


My father embarked on his final and most lasting business venture con-cluding with his retirement in 2017. Over 30 years, he expanded his product line to include other specialty finishes such as oxidizing paints, laminates, architectural panels and the unique. A pioneer in "wallcovering" distribution, his mainland competitors would soon follow. 

2017 - SuMO


To this day, architects and interior designers remember and revere Paul's work. He had his own style: calm, composed and always put his clients first. It was because of that that he was invited back. It was this approach that made him the most lucrative wallcovering distributor of finishes the Hawaiian Islands have seen.

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All four of my Dad's offspring have played integral roles in his business. It is with this heritage and reputation that I have created SuMO. I have not only learned how to run a business, I have forged my own esthetic insight. As an educated artist, I am not only immersed in all variations of products and materials, I am part of the creative community in Hawai'i. This, along with my lineage and history within the business, gives me an unmatched ability to meet the needs of my clients.


Mahalo nui loa to this place, to its people and to the Hi-based creatives who perpetuate sensory displays of righteousness in Hawai'i's spaces. I humbly accept the challenge to uphold the next 50 years.