Jamie Beckwith Enigma Collection

Style: Jacks

Pattern Repeat: 6.7 w x 6.6" d / 6.6 w x 6.5" d / 3.4" r

Thickness: 5/8" with a 4mm wear-layer

Species per Square Foot (SF):

+ Northern Maple $35.00

+ Southern Maple $35.00

+ Red Oak $35.00

+ Ash $36.25

+ White Oak $37.50

+ Walnut $43.75

+ Unfinished Subtract $1.00

Stains: Golden Grain, Tawny Timber, Burnished Bark, Silver Granite and Pale Parchment

Lead Time: approx. 6 - 8 weeks


Usage: Floor, wall + ceiling / commercial + residential

Installation: Glue-down

Ordering: An additional 10% than what is needed to be covered must be added to all orders.

Cancellations & Returns: Jamie Beckwith is a custom made product using natural resources. Once order is placed, no cancellations or erturns will be accepted.

Custom Patterns: 500 SF minimum or additional upcharge applies to all custom orders. It takes approx. 1 - 2 weeks to prepare drawings for approval. Once drawings are approved, a 4-week lead time applies for sample manufacturing. A design fee may apply.


Excluding Sales Tax